Friday, April 16, 2010

A Story by Paschal.

A Story. By Paschal

Once upon a time, long time ago, truth went around the world seeking notice, welcome and a home. But Truth was naked and people were afraid of him. Sol they avoided him.

Sadly, the feeling was mutual as Truth was afraid of humans. He was afraid humans would use him, spin him, warp him for their own ego purposes. So he mostly hid from them and was alone.

Then one day, Truth saw a beautiful woman down the road, with man friends talking freely with each other. He timidly approached her and asked: What is your name?

My name, she replied is Story. Truth was astonished. She said: I could dress you and we could go around the world together. And so she did, and so they did.

And they were both happy, for a long time. Then in mid-life Truth began to realize that humans were using their stories for their own private and personal purposes.

Truth began to argue with story and their marriage was in trouble. His main desire was to share his truth and have humans respect him, not use him.

Then one night he had a dream. His dream was about the power of love. as the real hidden power of the universe. Maybe this was the only safe truth to teach humans.

Truth explained his dream to Story. Luckily she was entranced with the possibilities. So, from then on, their stories were about the power of love. They were happy and made many people happy, with an adventurous life together.

As he grew older, Truth was so happy that he had touched and moved many people, that they only story he wanted to tell now, was about humble gratitude, and so he did. The end.

Moral.. 1. Truth alone, without Love, will be used to divide, for purposes of power over. 2. The test of genuine spirituality may be humble gratitude.

Now take this story and make it better...

Paschal Baute, April, 2010


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