A faith-based program at the Fayette County Detention Center using pastoral experience, Correctional psychology, Wisdom traditions including AA, group dynamics and volunteers. The project coordinator has 17 years experience in correctional consulting and 40 years experience in pastoral counseling (overlapping :-)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New Structure initiated this week. Twelve weeks of questions to be answered to complete our program and earn a Graduation Certificate.

Questions to Help Measure Your Progress
"Where your treasure is, there also is your heart." (Matthew 6:21)
Write answers in your composition book and be prepared to discuss
Name __________________ Date ________Dates in program______/______
Paschal Baute, August, 2005
1st WEEK
1. How is it that the strong determination to never return to jail is often not sufficient to keep one from doing so? (For example, what is often lacking?)
2. How completely will you admit that your life is or may be out of control?

3. How can your time here be an effectively healing experience for you?.
2nd WEEK
1. Explain what ADDICTION is? Signs and Symptoms?
2. Why is addiction so blind, so hurtful to others, and so common?
3. What do we know about remedies for addictive behavior?

3rd WEEK
1. Name the ways you have given yourself permission to continue hurtful behavior?
2. How is a decision to change, without measurable change, not enough?
3. Remedies for the Hole in my heart are: (Name essential ones)

1. Are you praying differently? Describe? Is Bible reading a choice or necessary? What is your program for listening to God’s Word?
2. Describe how you are more aware of yourself and your mental tricks?
3. Have you yet undertaken a complete moral inventory with one other person?

5th WEEK
1. Describe addictions have you faced? Describe your program & your progress so far.
2. Describe the personal discipline you have developed? For example, how are you saying “no� more often to yourself? List ways and means you use.
3. Is your anger less? Are your hair triggers less? What is your game plan for continuing this? Describe how you KNOW this it is working.

1. How necessary do you see FORGIVENESS? What exercises have you completed to A) let go of hurts; B) heal wrongs; and C) forgive yourself.
2. Describe how group work / discussion is necessary for your healing?
3. What positive addictions do you need and what will you develop?

7th WEEK
1. What authority shall I give to God in my life? How measure this?
2. Describe the changes you have made and how you measure them?
3. Can you honestly testify that others can see real changes in you? Explain.

8th WEEK
1. Describe your leadership in the pod and how you help others?
2. Describe your plan for action upon leaving?
3. How is your heart different? Describe how you are now your own master?

9th WEEK
Questions will be given by volunteer leaders, or you can develop your own.

10th WEEK Special Assignments from Volunteer Leaders
11th & 12th
Working with a Transition focus and planning.
Test on this program, written and oral. Application for Graduation Certificate,